Time Tunnel

"What's it like being old?" she asked herself. "Well," she said, "you have to put up with lots of stupid questions. Like that one." She glared at her smooth, unlined face through the time tunnel.

"Holy cow," she said, "What made you such a jerk?"

"Maybe it's staring death in the face and realizing my only option is to call up my younger self and try to get her to not to be as much of an idiot as I was."

"Yeah? Maybe you should try helping me grow up to not be a complete asshole," she yelled.

"If it was that easy," she said, "everyone'd be doing it."

"Start a trend," she yelled to her older self. "Do something original for once in your life."

"Ha!" shouted old her. "You don't know anything about my life. You just started in with the cliché questions and hoped for easy answers."

"I know you never got up the nerve to divorce Sam." The old woman's stare became murderous as younger her continued. "Staying on for the children, what a stupid choice. I'm already better than you, old woman, 'cause I know better."

"Who told you?" asked old her.

"You did. Tomorrrow."