This Is Good Chocolate

"Wow, this chocolate is really good!" Kendrick broke off another square and closed her eyes to savor the taste. "Thanks," Rica said. "I made it myself."

Kendrick's eyes snapped open. "That's amazing! It's so good. Where did you get the chocolate for it?"

"I told you, I made it myself."

"My god, that's awesome. I am literally in awe of you right now." Kendrick pantomimed bowing in worship. "Where did you get the nibs? Did you start with nibs, or did you actually get whole beans? Where did the beans come from?"

"You're not listening," Rica said. "I made it myself."

"You... you grew, harvested, fermented, dried, and roasted the beans yourself?" Kendrick sounded confused and skeptical. "I really don't think we can grow those around here."

"No." Rica squeezed her eyes shut in frustration. "I made it. Look." She set her hand on the table palm down and closed her eyes. For a moment, nothing happened. The then air vibrated, lights flickered, and Rica sat back, a thin layer of sweat on her face. Where her hand had been now rested a perfect, new chocolate bar.

"Okay, I'm back to wow." Kendrick tasted it. "Damn, this is good chocolate."