An Important Talk

Seven-year-old Pharrell found his mom in the garage. "Mom, Dad says he has something to talk about and he'll meet you in the kitchen in five minutes." "Okay, sweetie, tell him I'll just get cleaned up here."

Pharrell found his dad reading in the bedroom. "Dad, Mom wants to talk to you about something in the kitchen in four minutes. She says it's important."

"All right, tell her I'm just about to finish this chapter."

Three minutes later, they entered the kitchen to find divorce papers laid out before them, filled out and waiting for signatures. "What's this?" said Mom.

"No idea," Dad said. "You didn't do this?"

"Nope. Pharrell!"

The boy stepped out of the pantry, head drooped.

"Pharrell," Mom said, "Did you really think we'd just assume the other wrote this and get divorced? Why?"

He stared at the floor and mumbled. "I want a second bedroom and more presents at Christmas."

"Listen, son." Dad pulled the boy up onto a tall seat. "I was waiting, but I see it's time to have an important talk about 'leverage.' It's something you need if you want to get something from someone who doesn't want to give it to you."