The Classic Tale of Ashley

Hush, child. Close your eyes and I will tell you a story. Long ago, on the planet Earth, there was a young eggspawn whose eggparent died. Its seedparent's new eggmate brought along its two eggspawn. This eggmate was jealous and controlling, so even though the family wasn't hungry, the young eggspawn was treated cruelly and sent to work in the ash fields. For this reason they called it Ashley, a very strange name on Earth.

No, I don't know where the wombparent is. I don't think it's in this story.

Now, the Governor of Earth threw a fabulous wriggle-party. Of course Ashley's eggsiblings-by-fiat did not permit it to attend. After they left, Ashley huddled in its nightsac and wished to go.

From nowhere sprouted the wishworm. It sheathed Ashley in scintillating mucus and created that most fabulous of Earth conveyances, the icecreamtruck. But the wishworm said it would all disappear at nightmax.

Ashley went to the party. Everyone marveled at its beauty and stylish wriggling. The Governor wanted it for its mate. When the clock struck nightmax, Ashley devoured its two eggsiblings-by-fiat and mated with the Governor.

Yes, darling. I like how it bided its time. Sleep well, beloved eggspawn.