Harry's Story

When Harry was young, he wanted to be a fireman. Excellent, said everyone. Firemen save lives. But be careful, because it is dangerous! The next day, Harry wanted to be an astronaut. Terrific, said everyone. Astronauts further scientific knowledge. But it takes a lot of hard work to be an astronaut.

The next day, Harry wanted to be an explorer. Okay, said everyone. Explorers find new places. But there’s not much to explore any more. You should stick with astronaut.

The next day, Harry wanted to be a monkey. Huh, said everyone. You’re already a little monkey sometimes. But you can’t be a real monkey.

Yes I can, said Harry. I’m going to be a monkey astronaut fireman explorer.

Oh, said everyone. You can’t be all those things. Maybe choose one. Not the monkey.

Harry studied hard at school. He studied math and astronomy. He studied materials science and psychology. He studied economics and sociology. He studied biology and genetics.

Grown Up Harry joined a spaceship heading to new worlds as Chief Emergency Warden. It was an important job: he kept others safe from fire and other dangers while exploring space.

I’m still working on the monkey part, said Harry.