The Legend of Grandfather

Grandson was an inventive boy. He asked questions and proposed clever solutions, never deterred if they failed. He strove to protect the less fortunate, respect one's elders, and persevere through adversity. Grandfather and Grandson spent much time together, whenever the boy was free. They explored the woods and worked in the woodshop together. They looked alike: Grandfather had a young face, and Grandson an old face, both long and prominent in the chin.

As Grandson grew older, Grandfather grew ill. They no longer explored the forest, and the woodshop gathered dust. Grandson sought every remedy for Grandfather's suffering. He studied with distant physicians and experimented with herbs. He healed many people with his discoveries, but not Grandfather.

Grandson returned to ease Grandfather's death. Grandson's tireless search had aged him, and the two still looked very alike. As Grandfather's time neared, Grandson tried something clever and desperate. He hid Grandfather and took his place. When Death arrived, it took Grandson instead.

This is how Death crossed the wrong name off its list, how the one we call Grandfather came to live forever, and how Death came to forever seek Grandson, whose name we never utter lest Death mistake us for him.