Super Train

Superman was riding the train. There were bad guys everywhere, and he had to defeat them. But Dad said not to play with the other passengers on the train. He had to wait until they reached day care to play with others.

So he fought monsters no one else could see. There was the Joker! Superman punched him and took him to jail, which was Superman’s seat by Dad. Then he flew down the train car and grabbed Brainiac and flew him to jail. And then he saw a Pokemon trainer hurting Pokemon at the far end of the train, and he flew to rescue them!

He bumped into a person who yelled, and he ran back to Dad. Dad told him he had to guard the prison now or the bad guys would escape. “But the mean Pokemon trainer is over there!”

“You’ll have to stop him later,” said Dad. “If you leave, the bad guys will get out of jail.” So Superman guarded the jail. After a while, Dad leaned over and whispered, “Oh no! They’re escaping!” He pointed at the window behind Superman’s seat.

“I’ll stop them!” said Superman, and he started punching them back into jail.