Spiritually Aware

A cattail waved in the wind, between a ditch and a green pasture. A cow lay nearby, occasionally craning her neck to eat a delicious plant.

“It’s a shame,” said the spirit of the cattail, “that the humans aren’t in touch with their spiritual sides. The way they used to be.”

“Do you really think so,” said the spirit of the cow.

“Oh, yeah,” said the cattail. “They’re all about the physical these days. No spirituality left.”

“Is that really so bad?”

“If they were more spiritually aware, we could tell them so much. Share our wisdom, y’know?” The cattail swayed in the breeze.

The cow chewed on its cud, and its spirit spoke around the mess. “So, you think the humans really need the wisdom of how to stand in the mud and bend in the breeze?”

“Oh, like you could do better.” The cattail quivered. “Standing around and eating whatever thing you can reach.”

“They already mess with everything. You really want to see what they do when they’re spiritually aware?”

“How long’ve you been around, Cow?”

“Eleven thousand years or so.”

“Well I’ve been around way longer, so-”

The cow craned her neck, and ate the cattail.