Of Sandstorms and Burning Rocks

In the Green Age, everything you see had something growing and green. Not green like the algae we eat, but a bright green, a shining green that had its own light. That was when we still knew the secrets of smooth steel and the burning rocks. It was those rocks that we were forbidden to touch. We knew they gave the great Useh His power, and He knew we were too weak to control them. But when the rogue Isaiah snuck into Useh's vault, one of the treasures he came away with was the fire rocks. Isaiah taught us to use them, and for a long time all was well.

Until we used them for war and burned a tree favored by Useh. Enraged by grief, Useh breathed out His fury, sweeping the land with fire and burning away all that was green and good. Only the most faithful escaped his wrath. Now Useh's burning rocks lie scattered across the land, where any fool can find them. When Useh remembers our foolishness, He sighs, sending hot winds swirling across the lands. That is why they sandstorms come, and we must use them to remember to touch only what we understand.