It's Raining Peanuts

"Huh." Jenine stuck out her hand. "It's raining peanuts." Another peanut struck her hand and she yanked it back under the store awning, shaking it. "That stings. Why is it raining peanuts?" Nick shrugged. "Dunno. Probably God wants to kill all the people with peanut allergies."

"That's mean." She looked up at the sky, then down at the nuts collecting in the street. "You really think it's God?"

"Who else could make it rain peanuts?" He stuck out his hand. "You're right, that does sting."

Jenine watched cars drive by, windshield wipers going, leaving pulverized peanut in their wake. "Maybe a peanut plane exploded?"

"I don't think they transport peanuts by plane." He picked a peanut off the sidewalk and ate it.

"Ew." Jenine curled her lip. Nick rolled his eyes. "How is it?"

He shrugged. "Tastes like a peanut."

"How do you know how they transport peanuts?"

"I'm just guessing. Most food goes by shipping container, doesn't it?"

"I dunno. Hey, you think this will devalue peanuts? Should we short peanut stocks? Or if it's a peanut plane, we should go long."

"You really want to risk your money?"

"I guess not." Their break over, they went back inside.