Four-Hour Window

"Refrigerator delivery," said the strong-looking young man. "Mr. Arthur?" Mr. Arthur, first name Arthur, looked from his front door to where his brand-new refrigerator stood. "Are you joking?" he said.

They established that the delivery man was not joking, that he did not remember arriving and delivering a refrigerator, and that the delivery man could not go away without completing his delivery.

Resigned, Arthur Arthur let the delivery man install the second new fridge and remove the first new fridge.

As the truck disappeared around the corner, the truck appeared around the opposite corner. It parked in front of his house. This time Arthur kept both fridges.

He refused to answer the door the next time, and the delivery man left the fridge in his yard. Next, Arthur lied about his identity. The delivery man, still without memory of prior deliveries, didn't believe him, and fridge number five replaced number four in Mr. Arthur's yard.

Fed up, Arthur left. Within five minutes, he got a phone call: Being absent when the delivery truck arrived within the scheduled four-hour window, they would reschedule the delivery and charge him a convenience fee.

When Arthur got home, he had no fridge at all.