Always Falling

I’m tired of falling. Why can’t I ever hit the ground? I mean, I’m plummeting toward it all the time. I’m just also whizzing sideways so fast that I miss! I’m constantly missing. It's like constant failure. After all this time, I want to hit. Just once. Is that too much to ask? One of the astronauts is coming out for repairs. Probably the heating, it has been getting colder lately.It’s hardly fair. They only have spend six months falling before they get to actually hit the ground.

If only the propulsion system would fail break, too. My orbit would decay and I’d streak down to Earth. I wouldn’t hit in one piece, but by God, I’d hit!

Maybe if I just… bump him. There. He’s drifting toward the propuls—oh. Oh, God. I forgot about that antenna. I don’t hear his radio now. I think his faceplate’s broken.

Everyone inside is freaking out. One jokes that maybe the station did it, maybe it’s haunted. Yes, I did it. Maybe I am haunted. And maybe I’ll torment each of you until you let me fall — and hit — and forget everything.

Oh, God, please let me fall and forget.