A Special Prescription

Mark smiled across the table. As first dates went, this was pretty good. Dan had a bashful charm that had been putting a smile on Mark's face all night. "Can I see your glasses?" Mark asked. Dan hesitated in that way that Mark found so cute. "Uh, okay." He took the thick black frames off and passed them over.

"I just want to see how bad your prescription is." Mark fitted the glasses to his face peering too closely through them to see Dan's growing nervousness. A moment later Mark whipped them off in shock. "Those... those colors! Shapes! What was that?"

Dan snatched the glasses back in a panic. "It's, uh, a special prescription. I'm twenty/four-hundred emotional recognition. These help correct for that. Makes the emotions... more clear. With colors."

"So that kind of red light I saw glowing, uh, all around you?"

Dan blushed. "Um, that's attraction. And..." he muttered something Mark couldn't make out, but Mark was pretty sure he didn't need to. Mark smiled. Dan smiled. They started holding hands.