A Commercial

A massive vault door. Beep. Beep. Beep, beep, beepbeepbeep. The door explodes outward and a black-clad man runs out, a steel case under his arm.

He runs down a brushed-steel hallway, klaxons blaring and emergency doors sliding closed, an elevator at the far end. Halfway there, the elevator opens to reveal black-helmeted guards. They raise futuristic rifles, and lasers miss him by inches as he dives through a door as it seals shut.

Behind him, the guards start cutting through the door with their lasers. They don't notice the small device on the floor, beeping faster and faster.

The thunder of the explosion mingles with the shattering of glass as he dives through the 60th-story window. Outside, his black suit sprouts a glider, and he flies away from a building that resembles a sleek, soulless vending machine.

Cut to a dingy room, serious-looking men looking grim over troop dispositions. The black-clad man interrupts, slamming the steel case on the table, then opens it. A dry-ice mist parts, revealing a Coca-Cola. Everyone looks hopeful, and he takes a swig.


Realistic Consequences Epilogue: Rebellion Command reprimands Corporal Harkness for his reckless actions. He is prohibited from field duty. His Coke was confiscated.