Dog Noir

The air's unseasonal chill tickled my nose as I sat in The Yard. It smelled like trouble. That's why I wasn't surprised when she walked in. Her legs went all the way up, to a butt too high to sniff. I could tell by the way she approached that she had a job for me.

She wanted me to come with her. Normally I'm too suspicious, but there was something familiar in the way she stood. So I followed, and once we turned the corner I knew exactly what she wanted.

It was an old song, so old I could sing along if I hadn't been salivating at the mystery I knew was coming. She'd lost something. A ball, no doubt. These dames and their balls. And she wanted me to go get it.

Nothing's free. If she wanted me to do her dirty work for her, she had to do something for me first. She had to throw it. The moment she did, I knew why she seemed so familiar. She was my partner, my frequent companion... she'd just changed her hair.

Mystery solved, I prepared to do what I do best. It was time to earn the biscuits.