In My Power

His pale skin shone like marble in the moonlight. She could see almost nothing else, he loomed so close over her. "At last," he breathed, "I have you in my power."

"Uh, no?" She looked up at him without fear. "I have the power here." His face, a moment before sensual in his certainty, blanked with confusion. Like that, his mystery vanished, leaving behind a pale guy in dark clothes.


"Yeah, so, I can struggle and run—"

His face reassumed its predatory gaze. "Go ahead," he purred, "fight the inevitable." She rolled her eyes and waited, looking bored. The predator in him fled again. "Sorry. Go on."

"Well, if you want a struggle, I can just lie here. I can scream in fear, or I can sing The Sun'll Come Up Tomorrow. How would you feel about that?" His face fell in dismay.

"That would..."

"Suck?" She smiled.

"Yeah." He un-loomed into a slouch, hands in the pockets of what could only be a cloak. "Don't worry. I can give you what you want. But only if you give me what I want first..."

She started him out small, but that was how she acquired her first pet vampire.