Novel: A Small Miracle

In a medieval fantasy world where God's miracles can be replicated by imitating the circumstances of the original event, knowledge is a very real kind of power monopolized by the Church. Quince is a wandering priest—an imposter, actually—on the run for knowing the secret of producing miracles. To escape with his life and his friends, Quince’s notions of what is right and what is godly must change, and may change the Church forever.

A Small Miracle is complete at 94,000 words. Excerpts available on request. A sequel is underway.


Novel: Death’s Agents

A contemporary urban fantasy where Death sends a few people back from the dead to stop powerful individuals who have been defying Death. Dead Like Me meets Leverage meets Heat.

Death’s Agents is underway.


Novel: The Hangover

A contemporary science fiction story of an engineer who gets drunk, accidentally broadcasts an emergency signal from a radio tower, and wakes up on the alien ship that responded to the call.

The Hangover is underway.


Novel: Problem’s Story

A near-future science fiction story of a fiercely-independent motorcycle courier suffering mysterious, temporary episodes of intense paranoia. Amid all this, she seeks happiness and safety in a time when both seem tantalizingly just out of reach.

Problem’s Story is underway.


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